Some Recent Contact Requests

1) Hi, I have an imac 20″ intel core. The desktop frequently freeze and have pixelated artifacts. I’ve browse through the forum site, and most likely the graphics has been corrupted (it will turn white). I would like to know if you can repair such problems? and how much does it normally cost?

2) I have recently purchased a second hand MacBook Pro 15.4″ 1.83GHz from Ebay and for the first week or so it worked fine, but now it seems to be shutting itself down abruptly without any warning. It sometimes will run for a few hours without cutting out, but then other times it will shut down two or three times in a row after having powered it up again. It doesn’t go to sleep or shut down in the normal way, it simply cuts out and then needs to be powered up again. Very frustrating if I’m in the middle of something which hasn’t been saved! I have had it on with and without the charger plugged in, but it seems to happen regardless of whether it’s running off battery or mains. Do you have any ideas what this problem might be?!

3) I have no issues with my Macbook at present but rather with the power supply cord. I have a power supply fitted for the US. I use a converter/adaptor for use in the UK. However, recently I have noticed the separation of the cord from the maglite connector, exposing the wires. Is it possible to repair this, and alternatively, would your company be able to source a used/inexpensive replacement cord? I do not want to buy a new cord as I am hoping to upgrade to a newer Macbook at the beginning of the new year.

4) Hello! A CD has decided to hide in my macbook, causing scary noises and an unusable drive. also, the white casing around my screen is falling off, though this is just an aesthetic thing and does not necessarily need repairing if it is too much trouble. Can you tell me about how much it would cost to at least have the drive repaired? I’m also willing to bring the computer into a shop if necessary. Thanks very much!

5) can you help? the screen on my ibook has gone blank, it still makes the noises as it switches on, but it is a little worse for wear, the model number is A1055.
Ideally I’d like to get it fixed and then rescue all the important bits and finally get round to getting myself an external hard drive to put them on and possibly a new desktop mac.
Can you fix it? and if so how much would it cost?
Many Thanks.